Do You Have What It Takes?

Diablo 3 Inferno difficulty – Do you have what it takes to defeat the legions of hell on the hardest possible settings ? Diablo 3, like its predecessor has a few difficulty levels, that are unlocked as you progress further into the game. A quick note, for the ones who have never played the previous Diablo games – you have to complete the game, beating the final boss to unlock the next difficulty setting. Then, you are able to start from Act I, and go through the entire game content, with the enemies and the rewards you receive for defeating them being better. In Diablo 2, however you only had three difficulties to beat. In the new game, there is the option to confront your opponents on a level that is even harder than Hell. Once you choose “Inferno” and enter the game, you immediately notice a change in the way monsters work. The minions of evil will be a lot more aggressive, will notice you from afar and will pursue you tirelessly. Also most of the mini-boss spawns will usually have more modifiers which will make them very dangerous, granting them special attributes to go along with their attacks and additional defensive attributes, making them a lot harder to kill. Entering Inferno difficulty without the proper knowledge and strategies is incredibly hard and in most cases people will find that they are unable to beat the game on this difficulty setting. But you need not worry! We are fully aware that many people can get discouraged when they enter the final parts of the game, so we have a detailed section within the pages of our guide, dedicated entirely to the end game.

Inferno is the place where it all happens. It is the place where your character proves his worth. It is the place where you will experience the true Diablo 3 feeling – how cunning is your build? Is your character’s equipment good enough to withstand the relentless assault of the bloodthirsty hordes of evil? If you manage to defeat the enemies on this difficulty setting, you will reap the greatest of rewards – the very best equipment, runes and gemstones will be acquirable only on the hardest difficulty setting. If your character is not really up to the challenge, however, do not despair. Simply by following our professional builds and strategies you can transform you hero into an Inferno killing machine, cutting through the legions of hell like hot knife through butter! Why wait? The incredible equipment is waiting for you to go and claim it! Acquire our Inferno guide now, and be the hero that you’ve always wanted to be.

Would Mozart and Beethoven Compose Game Music if They had Lived Today?

Diablo 3 has good music. In fact, many video games have good music. It’s part of why most games today offer their soundtracks as an additional purchase. The Humble Bundle indie games often package in the soundtracks as an added bonus. As a music lover and gamer, there’s simply nothing better.

Game music has to fill an important role in a game. Unlike in a concert, the music has to take second stage to the graphics and gameplay. Like in a movie, it has to fill in the atmosphere without becoming obnoxious or out of place. Good music can make a scene resonate with its audience. Bad music can make an otherwise excellent scene unmemorable or worse.

For a long time, it was impossible to discuss video game music the way it is discussed today. It was difficult to find clean recordings of tracks. OSTs were largely unavailable outside of Japanese imports. As gaming has grown in popularity, however, game music has become a larger industry. There are composers in the field today who are as legendary as Mozart or Beethoven.

Diablo 3 has very good music. It works very well as a stand-alone soundtrack, an album to listen to without the game attached. It’s atmospheric, unobtrusive and fits with the game perfectly. Some detractors will say that’s fitting itself; the game has had a rocky critical reception compared to the legendary Diablo 2, and many have the same opinion of the music. Personally, I find it very good and very fitting.

Others do as well, which is why the traveling show Video Games Live has included a track from Diablo 3, Leah’s theme. Leah is a major character in Diablo 3, and the music spans her entire character arc. Give it a listen if you haven’t before. As for VGL, every gamer owes it to themselves to see the show. As good as game music is, and as much as we appreciate it when we pay attention, there’s nothing quite like hearing it live in person. Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, legends n game music themselves, have put together an event that’s hard to pass up.

With Diablo 3 itself, you have a wide range of tracks to enjoy. Take Leoric’s theme for example. Leoric was a noble and good King, who was ultimately corrupted by Diablo and became a villain in both the first and third games. This track follows that, with the noble, militaristic music giving way slowly into darker tones. Or take a moment to listen to the Tristram theme, the music for a town that has seen destruction at the hands of Diablo and decades of recurring evil. It’s a town that has fought to stay alive, and you can hear that tenacity in the music, even behind the overt evil that sometimes peeks through.

The Ultimate Challenge

Diablo 3 will of course have mode, favourite of many players, seeking the ultimate challenge – Hardcore mode. In Hardcore, the death of your character is final. Once you die, you can never ever go back to playing with your hero. This is why you need to take great care in developing your character’s build. You never want to have too little defensive capabilities, simply because you cannot afford to die. Ever. But here comes the first big problem with Hardcore – if you make too many defensive choices, you will be left with little to no offensive abilities. Playing this mode has always presented a great deal of challenge to the players, because of that. If you find yourself dealing too little damage, with the ever increasing difficulty curve as you progress through the game content you will eventually be unable to slay your foes before they get through your defenses. This is why, our professionals have takes great care in developing the Hardcore sections of our guide. We present to you, the player, a large variety of hardcore builds for every class, so that you never find yourself in the very same situation that many have found themselves. That awful moment where you realize that you will not survive the encounter at hand but you have no way of averting the situation. It is the worst feeling, that any hardcore player can experience. Our experts have worked hard for many days, carefully tailoring the compilation of builds that we present you with.
But builds alone are not enough to defeat the challenges that await you further down the line. You also need a great deal of knowledge about the way that enemies behave, about their abilities, attributes and properties. This is contained within the second part of our Hardcore section – the complete Hardcore strategy guide. There, you can find all the information that one may need if he wishes to engage in battle the strongest adversaries arisen from the depths of the burning hells. Be it simple engagements with the weakest foes, fights with mini-bosses or daring hard and long-drawn fights with the horrific act bosses, we have it all. Every single bit of information, required for the survival of your character in the Hardcore mode, is here, waiting for you to discover. Acquire all of the Hardcore achievements, defeat all the bosses on every difficulty and earn your title as one of the very few people that have accomplished everything there is in the toughest mode of the best action role playing game of our time !